orchestrating analytics and processes that drive growth.

We help clients leverage data analytics using a range of algorithms, profitability models, generational insights and strategic insights to drive actionable business decisions and strategies that increase performance, market share and profits.

Our team of data analysts, strategists and digital marketers guide leaders to build forward-looking, data-driven growth, content and targeting strategies and digital personalization and content that increases user experiences and bottom line results.

Lifestyle Segmentation & Persona Strategies

Our Lifestyle Segmentation Strategy provides financial institutions with intelligent data driven insights about their greatest target audience segment opportunities to grow market share, share of wallet and profitability.

Segmentation strategy development is driven by geo-coding client data, and leveraging lifestyle data and market big data insights to identify your priority targets. These key audiences are defined based on behavioral data, product usage, profitability, buying and media habits, and other vital data analytics.


We help clients identify how each segment ranks on a wide range of product relationship patterns and profits. By identifying recency patterns and trends we calculate which segments will also drive future growth, engagement and profitability.


Robust data-driven clarity of your priority segments can have far-reaching implications for your organization.

These data insights will drive better-informed new client acquisition; digital campaign and targeted media. It can also be leveraged for other high-level organizational decisions such as branch network expansion and new product development.

Data Warehouse and Behavioral Analytics to Drive Performance

Data Warehouse

We build integrated and comprehensive data warehouses that place vital market and competitor big data, with customer/member and prospect information in the hands of key decision makers.

Predictive Analytics

Enhance existing relationships and attract the right new members/customers by targeting relevant triggers and high profit potential.

ProfiTRAC™ Profit Analytics

ProfiTRAC™ is a sophisticated and flexible profit analysis module that uses customized rule-based algorithms and flexible user-driven “rule-sets” to create very accurate asset and liability spreads and net profit calculations of each individual account.


The key to optimizing overall network performance and finding optimal future site locations is through big data, member/customer & prospect profiling, geo-demographic analytics, break-even analysis and competitive market analytics.Our work happens through an artful balance of financial analytics, market scoring algorithms and expert insights into optimizing market, financial, branch and long-term growth and profit strategies.

We help identify and unlock ideal market growth opportunities with a clear focus around four key areas of acquisition; customer/segment penetration, market share, financial product penetration and market demand potential.

By converting geo-coded data analytics into business intelligence strategies, dynamic data visualization and dashboards, we help organizations drive real time decision making and real estate strategies that build market and wallet share.