Corporate Responsibility Statement

We are passionate as a company about making a difference in our local communities, in the financial services industry, on the earth and in the lives of the rural poor.

our work in the community

We consider ourselves stewards of our community. So we actively engage with our people, our partners and support our clients as they make a difference in improving the quality of peoples live both locally and globally. We commit our agency resources and support our employees with time and resources to benefit key non-profits and NGO’s via pro bono work, donations and the commitment of our people and resources to help. 

Our employees provide time, resources and advice pro bono to local groups and organizations like the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation and Seattle Children's Hospital. Weber Marketing Group has provided pro-bono brand and marketing work to amazing local groups we consider our heroes. Places like Urban Impact who deliver education, mentoring and computer training to at-risk, inner-city Seattle youth. We volunteer in local and national advertising, marketing and financial marketing councils like CUES, CUNA and the Ad Federation. 

Our work in the world

Our international NGO work includes over 12 years of brand and marketing support to a high-impact Seattle-based non-profit, Agros International . They are changing the lives of over 10,000 rural poor families in Central America with land loans, micro-credit lending and sustainable farming in over 40 villages.

In Africa, we have supported the development of a community-based cooperative bank in Ewauso, Kenya named Ewauso Meeyu FSA

Hear from Agros supporters and villagers how tangible hope and opportunity is changing lives.

our environmental policy

Weber Marketing Group is committed to achieving a real and sustainable positive impact on the earth in the ways we live and work. We believe that it is essential that both as a firm, and as individuals, we operate on a daily basis in an environmentally conscious manner. Our objective is to minimize the impact of our personal and professional activity on the global environment, wherever possible.

We lead by example in our energy sustainability to reduce our impact on the local and global environment. This commitment began with fulfilling our dream to work and live in a LEED Gold building we realized in 2008 (designed by Weber + Thompson Architects). We continually and carefully manage our carbon footprint and environmental impacts in this amazing home we call the Terry + Thomas Building. Our building has won over a dozen national and international awards for sustainability.

 We engage sustainable office practices every day, including recycling, utilizing recycled paper and soy inks, with our low-emitting furniture, paints and materials and through the funding of staff mass transit, carpools, light rail alternative transportation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.