how sweet, or sour, is your name equity?

No one in the credit union or banking industry has more experience researching and evaluating consumer name equity, creating new corporate identities, and crafting new names. While advising many organizations not to change names, we have also successfully renamed and implemented over 50 distinctive new brand names.

Our robust process and research evaluate name and brand equity to guide leaders to retain, modify, or change names, and evolve their brands or redesign corporate identity.

With our trademark knowledge and advisors, we have secured over 25 federal-level registered trademarks from the USPTO and CIPO — amounting to a "bomb-proof" level of trademark protection.    


The guidance and assistance that the Weber Marketing team gave us on our name change, branding and merchandising was invaluable. They walked us through every step of the process. The result was a very smooth transition to a new distinctive name and brand that will carry us for years to come.
— Tim Benecke, CEO Wildfire Credit Union

We create names that propel effective and thriving financial brands.


Name Evaluation, Research & Testing

Your name and logo are one of your most important corporate assets. It can be rich in brand equity, or an anchor of market confusion restricting future growth. 

Facing such a critical decision to change or retain names or logos requires an expertly managed process, proprietary research and seasoned team to guide you. Research must be weighed with other critical long-range growth goals to guide intelligent strategic decisions to align and transform your competitive brand image into the future. We guide clients to a strategic and empirical evaluation of scenarios, risks and benefits of changing, testing names, or retaining your name or corporate identity.

Naming & Renaming   

The decisions to change names has profound impact – negative or positive, on your image, your culture, member/customer loyalty and future growth. This is not a project left to amateurs.

Our proven process builds stakeholder consensus, creates a well-linked road map and ensures effective stakeholder communication. We expertly stage every step and help you manage for success.

Our branded  and trademarked names have helped clients grow new Millennial targets and accelerate market growth. We utilize a multi-step process and create a wide range of tailored name options and a distinctive financial brand position.

Corporate Identity

A powerful and distinctive identity and mark can reshape your image, invigorate your brand and position you effectively to new markets and audiences.

Our design team has an impressive array of national award winning logo and identity designs that have helped our credit union and community banking clients evolve their organizations competitive position.