Yes, I'm asking YOU. The marketer reading this article.

How about this? Just to be careful and think through the importance of keeping the credit union's story out there - who you are, what your brand is all about, and the kind of relationships you continually strive to build internally, with members, and the communities we have involved ourselves in.

So now you’ve heard mine…what would your message be? For some it might be this one. “Marketing isn’t an expense…it’s as necessary as keeping the lights on…and when done the right way…that’s exactly what it will help you do.” Or, “Marketing is an important part of our management team…make me accountable, make me work for it and I’ll show you some results. My point is that if you want to be noticed – you are the only one that can make it happen.

This is really our time…credit union’s I mean. And there are a lot of great things happening out there that continue to make this industry strong, with an elevated sense of who we are and what we do. The biggest shift we’ve seen over the last couple of years – is credit unions acknowledging that their staff is one of the most important pieces of the service puzzle – and now giving them the tools and the empowerment to truly help the member. We’ve seen a shift from a “sales”–building culture to a “brand”–building relationship culture. Credit unions have gotten it. They’re listening more to what people need and helping them get where they need to go in life, not just as so many outdated mission statements proclaim – that we’re helping them reach their “financial” goals. Why only financial goals, right?

So get out there and shake it up! Think about your goals. Yes, “your” goals, Write them down. But don’t stick them in your desk drawer. Stick them in your pocket, your purse or your wallet. Carry them with you and aspire to take a step towards reaching them every day. What might be one of those goals? How about delivering your own single message to the credit union executive down the hall? He’s waiting…