Several years ago after much consideration, I committed to run my first and last marathon. The overall thought of running a marathon is initially exciting, yet soon becomes overwhelming for everything you need to do to prepare. To succeed in running 26 miles, I trained by breaking up my runs into small chunks to make my marathon run more manageable.

Much like training for a marathon I've learned to break up long-range strategic business projects into manageable milestones. Breaking up a long-range project into smaller pieces helps keep the motivation and excitement for a huge end goal. When training for my marathon I also went swimming, boxing and to the gym to help me with a variety so I would not get burnt out on just running a few more miles each weekend. We do the same with many of our projects, but especially our branding process here at Weber. Many financial institutions think of branding as one project but really it is a journey where we need to keep staff motivated in expressing the companies brand while we also tackle the redesign of branches, websites, logo and even products. We tackle this by breaking the branding journey up into phases and reengaging with staff and customers to help bring back energy to the brand when that energy starts to die down.

I mentioned at the beginning of my post it was my first and last marathon and although it was my last, I do continue to run home religiously twice a week. I run because I enjoy running, I don't think I would enjoy running if I did one marathon a month, as I know some people can do. I want to keep running for fun and I have, by mixing in other activites along with watching myself race faster home and talking with other runners who have helped me get past the hurdles of running. The key to motivation is keeping variety and fun within smaller steps and a longer view towards the end — my health and enjoyment. Getting burned is easy, training for a daunting 26 mile run but you have to remember its never a sprint to the finish, it's a journey.