I’ve spent a great deal of time travelling across the country in credit union land past few months. I have talked with credit unions from the Caribbean to Canada, across the Midwest and all points between who do a fabulous job of doing what credit unions do best – building relationships with people.

As I’ve listened, taken notes and absorbed what I’ve seen and heard, I continue to reflect back to when I was much younger guy (some of you may even remember that) in the industry and what has, and hasn’t changed. From a marketing standpoint – wow. The exuberance and challenges held by a handful of us back in the 80′s and 90′s – that we were going to make a difference and break our credit unions out of the box in the process – has now been echoed by an infinite number of brash, young, smart marketers across the country who ARE making that difference. And what a great thing it is to see.

Talking to CEO’s, COO’s and even some Board members, they are seeing that same shift in what we’ve all be working to validate for many years. They acknowledge that marketing needs a seat at the big table. They acknowledge that marketing is the key (yes – the key) to the success of many for their overall strategic goals that continue to move their credit union forward. And, they acknowledge that more marketers are seeking to grab the reins of “their” jobs someday. Kudos to all who have recognized this shift. And the same to all those who are making it happen as we speak.

As for the future? I can only hope we keep pushing and challenging ourselves to make that changes that result in wallet share growth and member advocacy. To look for better ways to serve our members and the communities we live in – not for better ways to serve ourselves. That we continue to recognize that the potential for us to do great things is where this industry has the potential to succeed.

Where is the future taking your credit union? Somewhere bright?