No one will accuse Weber Marketing Group of being fast followers to the agency blogging world. But we chose to launch our blog (appropriately named The Jam) only when we thought it was relevant - and maybe finally ready for prime time. After scanning, I'd love your feedback on whether you think it's ready - or not.

Our intent was to mix part 'brand think tank,' part consumer behavior voyeuring, and part creative jam session about the relevance and execution of great (and not so great) advertising, branding, marketing and culture building - not only in financial services, but across industries. Oh yeah, and music too.

So why call it The Jam?

Besides having a collection of unique creative thinkers and some musician-dreamers at Weber Marketing, our building roots are inexorably linked to Seattle grunge band Pearl Jam. Our space (before we designed and built a LEED Gold building) was the 15-year practice studio jam space of Pearl Jam. So we chose a name that best expresses the musical metaphor of muse - inspiration that drives creative expression. If you ever visit our Seattle office, you'll see how we celebrate that vibe with a music tribute of art, paintings and instruments.

Living in a wired city like Seattle with deep and creative musical roots as diverse as Ray Charles, Jimmy Hendrix, Nirvana, Death Cab for Cutie, Fleet Foxes, and Macklemore, it's pretty weird not to love music here. Some of us at Weber Marketing are beyond love...we have weird, recurring dreams of sold out concerts.

What other medium can sear 180 seconds of your junior prom night into your brain and drum up those tearful, hormone-ravaged feelings like music? Jamming music is like exercising good muscle memory. So is marketing, done right, which it usually isn't.

Some of us at Weber Marketing jam regularly and even write songs. Some of us make art. Maybe it's a mid-life crisis to lust for the sound a Gibson J45 guitar makes or the sight of a Les Paul - we don't care, it feeds our creative juices.

So all of that just to say, that's why we called our blog The Jam. Jam with us in the months ahead. Something happens when passionate creative and strategic people work to learn - and create something new together.