The first ever Financial Brand Forum is coming this April

And Weber Marketing’s Mark Weber and Josh Streufert are tapped to speak.

The Financial Brand Forum is an all-new conference, specifically designed to help financial institutions tackle the biggest branding, marketing and advertising challenges they face today. With hundreds of the sharpest minds in the financial marketing field in attendance, from the North America’s top credit unions and banks, The Forum will show financial marketers how to perform at the highest levels, so they can work smarter, faster and more effective than ever before.

Josh is first-up on Thursday, April 3 with his unique insights on creative strategy, lateral thinking and culture building.

“Busting Ruts & Unlocking New Ideas”

Josh Streufert, Creative Director

Josh Streufert, Creative Director

As financial marketers, we’re asked to solve the same basic questions over and over. So how do you avoid the creative doldrums and bust out of those ruts? How do you stay inspired? How do you build consensus among your stakeholders without succumbing to groupthink? How do you foster an internal culture that fuels innovation instead of fights it? In this session, Josh will teach you how to think creatively, understand creative people and how to communicate with them. He’ll share valuable insights into how marketing executives can get the very best from the creative professionals they work with.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to think laterally
  • How to build a culture of innovation and creativity
  • Techniques for developing creative concepts  — campaigns, designs, headlines, etc.
  • Tricks and tips for getting unstuck when you need ideas

Then stick around for Mark’s presentation on Friday where he'll detail a step-by-step process for unlocking brand dominance in your market: 

“The Blueprint to Building Breakthrough Brands in Banking”

Mark Weber, President & CEO

Mark Weber, President & CEO

Many financial executives wonder if they have a distinctive or relevant brand strategy, and they aren't sure how to identify their brand's equity. If you’re tired of feeling forced to regularly compete on rates, fees, or branch locations, your brand may need work — both internally and externally. In this intensive session, Mark will reveal what he’s discovered as he's reworked hundreds of financial and startup company brands over the last 30 years. Mark will walk you through multiple case studies and show you how branding gets done right — and delivers tangible results.

What you'll learn:

  • The fundamental steps to building a healthy, vibrant, competitive brand that gets noticed
  • How to determine if you have a unique and defendable brand position, and how to craft one if you don't
  • A process for assessing your brand challenges and gaps internally, among customers/members, prospects and your competition
  • How to tease out a refreshed brand personality, and identify the values that drive your culture and organizational focus forward (or not)
  • How to avoid the biggest — and most common — branding blunders
  • How to build consensus around your organization's brand by engaging stakeholders in true transformation

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