Join Randy Schultz, our VP Marketing, for a Breakout Session at the 2018 CUNA Marketing & Business Development Conference in San Francisco.

7 Seconds to Impact: Building a Disruptive Brand for Growth and Profitability

Tuesday, March 13th at 1:15 p.m. and again at 2:45 p.m.

How do we reach the audiences we’re after the way they want to be reached versus how we think they should be reached? To build a journey-centric approach to a disruptive brand that also yields a roadmap to campaigns that blend out, you must look past identifying only channels. To be successful, your efforts should be channel-agnostic, integrating an array of internal processes. Yes, your CRM, HR, IT and marketing must all be involved.

In this fast-paced, interactive session, we'll take a look at  some successful disruptive brands & campaigns – and learn how to make yours one of them. We will challenge “the way it’s always been done.” If you’re looking for a fresh approach…you’ll find it here!  Breaking down departmental silos – why bother? The importance of buy-in & culture integration to your success. Brand Assessment vs Business Model Alignment – what’s the dif’? “How do I implement this at my credit union?”

Learn more and register for the conference here.