The ABA Marketing & Retail Conference is on September 7th in Orlando.

And Weber Marketing’s Randy Schultz is speaking.

This year's ABA Marketing & Retail Conference will have more scope and broader content than ever before, with a unique opportunity for marketers and retail bankers to join forces and deliver on higher demands from customers and management. 

Topics covered include:  Strategic Agility; Sales and Customer Service; Multi-Channel Communications; Digital; Brand Management;. Mobile Banking; Big Data; and much more.

Randy Schultz will share his knowledge and expertise on how to steer your organization's culture to new levels of delivering the brand at his session on Monday, September 8th at 11:00 AM.

  Randy Schultz, VP Marketing   Weber Marketing Group

Randy Schultz, VP Marketing

Weber Marketing Group

"Turning Staff Into Brand Champions"

You constantly search for ways to measure your organization's brand equity with customers and prospects, but what about staff?

  • How loyal is your staff?
  • Do they really even know what your brand is?
  • Are they empowered to "live out the brand"?
  • If you told them to "live your brand", could they? Would they?

Employees don't want to feel like the only thing you value is your bottom line and reaching your goals. If your employees are not living the brand internally and out in the community, your story is not being shared effectively.

  Neil Goldman, Senior Partner   Goldman Consulting & Strategy

Neil Goldman, Senior Partner

Goldman Consulting & Strategy

Join Randy Schultz and Neil Goldman as they explore how rethinking, aligning and measuring the customer experience offers a proven path to retention, sustainable growth and advocacy.

You'll leave this workshop with tools to:

  • Help you manage the success of your brand experience culture
  • Map your organization's own customer experience profile
  • Define and align your organization's customer experience - branch, human and digital touch-points
  • Make your customer experience culture stick

This is NOT a presentation. It's an interactive workshop with case study examples you will bring to the table from your organization. You'll hear best practice stories from other attendees and learn how your organization can strengthen it's culture and influence internal functions to get a competitive advantage.