Recently, a pair of new television spots hit the airwaves for 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Newport News, Virginia.

These spots support the launch of 1st Advantage’s exciting new brand, which has been a year in the making through collaboration with Weber Marketing Group.

The journey of their new brand started by conducting research with existing members, staff, and target future members in the community. The combination of quantitative and qualitative research uncovered a wealth of useful information.

One hurdle that many credit unions face was confirmed to be a factor for 1st Advantage: the misperception that only limited products and services are available as compared to banks. This misunderstanding could be overcome through blanketing the community with factual product messaging, but that strategy would only bring 1st Advantage to parity with competition, not offer a compelling reason to engage with the organization.

Another key finding stood out as the opportunity to tell a more interesting story. Members who love 1st Advantage report feeling an especially strong sense of empathy from the credit union. Furthermore, members who desire change report that they want even more empathy.

Clearly, the special relationship 1st Advantage cultivates with its members – one based on personal understanding and genuine caring – is not only a true differentiator but also hugely meaningful to those they serve.

Guided by this insight, the goal of the TV spots was to say to members and prospects, “We get you. You’re a specific person with unique needs, and a whole life full of other priorities besides banking.” Within this approach, products were not overlooked but used as proof points of how members benefit by their relationship with 1st Advantage. But the focus of the spots, like the focus of the credit union itself, is on the members and what matters in their lives.

Beyond these television spots, current 1st Advantage members and potential members in the community will see the new brand coordinated across many other media channels, and in the branches as well. The insight that empathy is a driver of the organization’s success has been incorporated into all-staff training, and will be a continually reinforced part of the internal culture.

By demonstrating empathy through celebrating sometimes messy, sometimes quirky, but all deeply relatable moments in these TV spots, 1st Advantage is inviting members into a genuine relationship, while empowering their staff to deliver it.

View the 30-second versions above, which will air on regional stations. A shorter pair of 15-second cut-downs will play online as well. Behind-the-scenes photos of two very full shoot days (with a whole mess of very sweet kiddos) below. Enjoy!