it was a good day at work.

I've written before about why I love producing radio. Now I can add one more reason to the list — a precocious, seven-year old, all-pink, all-attitude, talented little voice actress named Gretta. And if you can't tell from the photos, she also happens to be my daughter.

Believe it or not, nepotism isn't really my bag. I care too much about delivering a quality product to my clients to risk mucking it up with someone who can't hack it. Especially if that someone shares my last name.


But with that said, I must admit, it was a great opportunity for me. After all, how many of us get a chance to work with our kids professionally? For me, this opportunity began with our great clients over at Redwood Credit Union

For months, Weber Marketing Group has been working to help Redwood articulate its brand. And recently we helped them launch a new campaign that featured a radio spot centered around a dad teaching his daughter how to ride a bike.

Gretta was a natural choice for the part. Over the years, I've worked with kid actors on various projects, with mixed results. Honestly it can be tough. For one thing, kids go to school during the day. And kids don't usually have talent agents, so finding them can be tricky. And finally, tweezing a good performance out of a kid requires rapport — which can be hard to build in a short recording session. 

In Gretta's case, we recorded some of the spot out front of our house. It's a lot easier to make a kid sound like she's riding a bike if she is actually riding a bike. Then we went to the studio to in-fill some lines. In the end, it's hard to tell what's a studio line and what came from the Streufert cul-de-sac.

Nepotism or not, this spot is going straight to the top of my Sentimental Favorites List.