Learning to Speak Cruller.

Today's entry in the Friday Share's Language series focused on fluency. The premise we explored comes from studies of how language and culture are so thoroughly intertwined that they can be seen as the exact same thing, and that verbal and cultural fluency grow in tandem. Together we looked at three examples — an online sales post, a sports game’s play-by-play, and a contemporary poem — to witness how attempting to understand each text leads inevitably to understanding the culture it lives in.

In other words, it’s no accident that ‘fluent,’ ‘fluid’ and ‘flow’ are etymologically related. Fluency is the delight and ease to be had by swimming around in language like a dolphin. Or, as Kelly McDonald pointed out at this week’s MAC conference, understanding someone different from you means understanding their life.

The fact that this took place on National Donut Day highlights how people of all nations, creeds and colors can rally around a universal icon: the Maple Long John.