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Amidst the rapid rise of online and mobile technologies, one of the most critical challenges facing financial institution leaders is to understand how far and how fast to swing the pendulum — toward branch investment, or reduction? Answering the question of branch redistribution accurately, and investing wisely over the next five years requires savvy big data and performance trends crunching, coupled with expert analytical skills.

In order to accurately forecast growth data, digest consumer behavior insights, and reflect on your desired brand position and real estate strategies, you’ll need all factors working in sync. Most importantly, you’ll need the expertise of understanding diverse markets and predictive modeling to help you decide exactly where — and how far — to change the number of branches, sizes, shapes, transaction management, technologies and staffing model of your future branch network.

In our 13 years of market analysis and branch network forecasting with Weber Marketing, we’ve learned that making data-driven market decisions and growth forecast planning, combined with understanding our target member’s preferences and behaviors, has led us to make more intelligent and far more accurate real estate network decisions that have helped increase Logix’s bottom line performance and deliver rich and distinctive member brand experiences.
— Phil Hart, COO, Logix Credit Union | $5 Billion

This financial industry position paper will show you how to transform your market and branch performance in 5 steps. Learn how to leverage big data, psychographic segmentation, market scoring and user experience design to optimize results in 2021. How do you balance future digital investments against "smart" brick and mortar choices?  Request a copy now.

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