Weber Marketing group's CEO Mark Weber is speaking on data analytics and strategy at the washington bankers assocation marketing conference in SeaTac, Washington in March.

Aligning Data Analytics & Strategy to Transform Branch Experiences, Brand Performance & Prototype Modeling

Tuesday, March 21st, 11:15am-12:15pm

Mark Weber, CEO, Weber Marketing Group

Mark Weber, CEO, Weber Marketing Group

In a dynamically shifting market, your corporate strategic branch initiatives must be fully linked to your future channel evolution, market growth strategy, internal culture and brand experiences. But how often does the process start with data analytics, local market analysis, lifestyle segment differences and future-focused strategies to first define a 2021 Growth Road Map right for your market?

In the first part of this session, you’ll learn how banks can define their future segmentation targets and develop highly targeted 2021 Branch Network Plans using powerful data analytics and market scoring methods to reduce ineffective branches and target ideal growth opportunities.

Once your branch business objectives and market growth strategy are aligned, you’re ready to “reimagine banking: and design a new “2021 Branch Prototype Business Model,” supported by new technologies, brand and cultural initiatives and profitable products to drive new experiences and higher performance. We’ll share a best practice collaborative team process using bank case studies on how to realign and redesign your operations, processes, staffing model, branding and touch points to simplify and boost user brand experiences — and find competitive advantage.