Reintroducing the name and brand of a 20-year-old company may seem like an unnecessary task, and if this particular company is widely well-known, some may ask, “what’s the point?” But just like humans and society, brands evolve – and need to in order to stay relevant. So how do you successfully reintroduce your name without losing the long time pillars your company has stood on for years? You take a step back to discover a compelling story you could be sharing but hadn’t realized you had it.

The campaign started with a burning question: What does this moment need that we are most qualified to deliver?
— Duke Stump, EVP of Brand and Community

That is exactly what Lululemon did when they partnered with Virtue, Vice Media’s in-house agency, when they set out to reintroduce their name to the world earlier this year through a global ad campaign. For their first global ad campaign, it was important that the campaign reflected Lululemon’s purpose, values and what they want to stand for in the world moving forward. Together, Lululemon and Vice set out to tell the story that yoga (what Lululemon is known for) is more than just yoga pants, poses and mats – and that Lululemon's brand isn't just for yogis. 

Lululemon believes that the philosophy and practices of yoga influences culture in everyday settings. So instead of focusing on traditional yogis and showing studios with mats laid out and people in poses, the focus is on a diverse group of people who aren’t considered yogis but all have one thing in common – in some way each uses a yoga practice in their life.

For 20 years, this company has been built on how the heartbeat of yoga influences culture.
— Duke Stump, EVP of Brand and Community

Through documentary-style glances into the lives of each character, the main anthem spot demonstrates the inclusivity of yoga. Each character makes up one practice of yoga and, when combined, the group illustrates its philosophy. In the spinoff mini series that completely focus on one of the individuals, the audience sees a glimpse into each practice.  For example, one of the characters is three-time Olympic gold-medal winner Kerrie Walsh Jennings, one of my favorite athletes and one of the reasons this campaign initially grabbed my attention. Her spot focuses on self-discipline and how she practices it on the beach volleyball court by showing up everyday. Or the practice of trust by professional surfer Maddie Peterson, who has to trust the ocean and that it will bring whatever she needs.

The anthem spot and the more focused mini documentaries do the unexpected – take you off the mat to show yoga in all its raw forms and unique environments. Through this approach, Lululemon’s goal is to share how expansive the idea of yoga is along with its accessibility. This will ultimately create a deeper understanding of their brand, purpose and values. 

Today, brand authenticity is more important then ever. And finding it isn’t always easy. On this path of discovery, Lululemon and Vice created a empowering, energetic, and extremely authentic portrait of their brand by sharing how yoga influences culture in ways we might never have recognized before. This global ad campaign is a dramatic way to grab attention for the reintroduction of Lululemon’s name. Through captivating storytelling, the mini series shows how the brand is revolutionizing how we think about yoga & its affect on our culture.

Hi Lululemon, it’s nice to meet you again.

Anthem Spot

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