Celebrating a multi-faceted community with two new brand films.

Every community is more than one thing. For their 2018 flagship campaign, OnPoint sought to shine a light on diversity in the communities they serve. These two spots showcase a spectrum of ages, life stages, backgrounds and points of view.

“do what moves you”

Objective: Create a high energy and youthful spot that shows how OnPoint intersects with a generation of members who value friends, community, opportunity and growth.

This spot is geared toward a younger audience, but it doesn’t put all millennials into a single box. It honors their hard work, strong values and connection to their community.

“the moment you know”

Objective: Connect with a broad audience of home buyers with emotional and relatable storytelling by conveying OnPoint's local home loan focus and community commitment.

This home loan spot is not just for a single kind of house hunter. Whether it’s upmarket or down, first-time or a seasoned buyer, a condo in the city or a house nestled in the woods, OnPoint can make it happen.