When real people share their stories, the result isn’t a testimonial. it’s a connection that runs much deeper.

When we set out to help OnPoint tell their brand story in a rich media campaign that would feature real OnPoint members and unscripted dialog, we wanted to move beyond the traditional testimonial. So we let the subjects tell their stories about what's most important to them and how OnPoint plays a part in helping to make it happen.

The results are two short films with a powerful connection to community.

“an onpoint family”

Family and community are a way of life. OnPoint has local banking and financing to help families, like this one.

Objective: Showcase an authentic OnPoint family, focusing how the credit union seamlessly fits into their lives with financing, convenient technology and smart banking. Create a 90 second film for storytelling in online, digital, and social applications. Create a 30 second cutdown for broadcast.

“the Mark Spencer hotel”

A look inside Portland's Mark Spencer Hotel, and how OnPoint helped finance a multi-year renovation.

Objective: Highlight OnPoint's multi-year partnership with Portland's Mark Spencer Hotel. Highlight the sophisticated business financing that OnPoint delivered while presenting the story in a way that appeals to a broader community. Create a short film and a 30 second cutdown for broadcast.


0:30 Cutdowns

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