Call it strange, call it weird, or dare to call it awesome—Klarna, a Stockholm based e-payment systems company, nailed their advertising messaging. How, you wonder? With extreme focus, so focused in fact it communicated only one, yes one, clear message across all three advertising spots. ‘Smooth.’

The ads broke in Sweden on March 2nd. "We fell for the concept 'Smoooth' because it describes the overall feeling of how a really good experience should be when you shop online," Klarna founder and CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski said in a statement published by AdWeek.

It’s refreshing to see an idea communicated with such simplicity and discipline. Marketers can sometimes slip into a “more is more” mode of operating, working hard to make too much happen in a concept filled with too many ideas. This results in the message getting lost in all the noise. So by attempting to communicate everything, nothing is heard.

It’s time to bring back focus, simplicity and clarity in brand messaging so that we can rapidly build brand awareness and consumer mindshare.