Kindred Credit Union in Ontario has joined the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, positioning its historic mission for further impact.  

Becoming a member of the GABV is yet another example of our commitment to inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities. Kindred was invited to join four other member financial institutions in Canada working to help individuals fulfill their potential and build stronger communities.
— Brent Zorgdrager, Kindred CEO

Kindred Credit Union has a generations-long history of aligning values with finances. By joining GABV, Kindred is now collaborating within a global movement working to develop a positive, viable alternative to the current banking system. 

GABV is an independent network of banks, banking cooperatives, and credit unions, using finance to deliver sustainable economic, social, and environmental development. Founded in 2009, GABV includes over 43 financial institutions and seven strategic partners across the globe. 

Weber Marketing Group partnered with Kindred Credit Union, formerly Mennonite Savings and Credit Union, in 2015 to guide its strategic renaming process. At a time of declining net membership and other key metrics for the organization, this effort positioned the credit union to attract more like-minded members of the community desiring to make intentional financial decisions according to values such as peace and mutual aid. Within a year of its successful name change and brand repositioning, Kindred was more profitable than ever and experiencing historic best loan, deposit and mutual fund growth - proof that banking with purpose is not only good for the community, but a mission that draws passionate engagement from the community. 

The whole Weber Marketing team is enormously proud of the leadership demonstrated by our friends at Kindred in using finance as a tool to build a better world.

News of joining GABV comes in addition to Kindred's recent recognition as one of the 2017 companies that is Best for the World Overall, which considers positive impact on workers, community, customers and the environment. More information about the Best for the World lists, and Certified B Corporations is available at

Read Kindred Credit Union's press release here.