Kathy Karner, Traffic & Production Manager at Weber Marketing Group, is participating in the World Vision Global 6k for Water worldwide event on Saturday, May 6th.

People around the world will be walking/running/skipping 6k on May 6th. The 6k distance echoes the 6k average distance that people in developing countries, most often women and children, must walk daily to find drinking water. Often when they do, the water is dirty and unsafe. With World Vision’s help in these areas, $50 (the entrance fee for the event, also a target amount for fundraising) provides clean, close water to one child FOR LIFE. The price of 10 lattes can bring clean water to someone from here on out, a life-changing event.

Kathy's race bib has a picture of a boy named Belo, from Mozambique, who will benefit from this walk. He is also available for child sponsorship, which will help bring him and his village resources they would otherwise not have in health, education, training and services. 

Kathy Karner, Traffic & Production Manager, Weber Marketing Group

Kathy Karner, Traffic & Production Manager, Weber Marketing Group

I am excited to partner with World Vision in my goal to raise $500, or clean drinking water for 10 people. Can’t wait to walk 6k for water on Saturday, May 6th!!!
— Kathy Karner

Kathy is a passionate supporter of World Vision’s work in the world. She sponsors a child, Kavya, as well as emergency feet-on-the-ground services during crises. World Vision runs in when others are running out.

For more information, and to donate or register, click here.