leverage the tools that drive strategic growth.

Sustained growth requires critical market research insights, market analysis and intelligent processes to monitor trends, uncover defensible market segments, and build game-changing strategy.

Our robust processes, research assessments, and unique ideation workshops engage cross-functional teams. We inspire new patterns of enterprise-wide innovation. We help our clients build team buy-in to re-engineer processes that drive competitive market advantage.

From assessing your brand equity, to strategic marketing analysis and long-range branching plans, our strategic plans and recommendations help you reach new levels of optimized results.

By first pinpointing what’s slowing market growth, we increase the likelihood of breaking bad patterns. It’s all about accelerating the path to competitive advantage.
— Mark Weber, CEO

brand articulation & assessment

Diagnosing and uncovering your unique competitive brand position takes a thoughtful discovery process led by a collaborative team engagement. Our unique internal and external 360° brand research process, competitive analysis, channel assessment, and brand communications audit identifies the “gaps” keeping you from competitive distinction and higher growth. 

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Our Brand Articulation process can improve cultural alignment and enhance consumer brand experiences, while better integrating every touch point to drive profitable market growth. We specialize in branding for leading credit unions, community banks, and financial services firms and deeply understand the industry's nuances.

branch network optimization strategy & market analysis

The explosive rise of mobile, tablet, and online technologies has forced a reassessment of the optimal branch in the future. Where does that leave your existing branch network effectiveness, locations and future performance?

With over 30 years of financial industry branch expertise, our process analyzes geo-demographic market data, branch patterns, forecasting tools, break-even analysis and customized scoring models to drive critical decision-making. We guide credit unions, community banks and other financial services financial institutions to re-engineer their branch network strategy towards higher efficiencies, cost effective new technologies, and greater performance.

strategic marketing plans and assessment

Diagnosing the effectiveness of your marketing programs, online, email and print communications, and paid and social media, relative to the market and peers, requires an expert perspective.

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We provide a range of market analysis, planning tools, and segmentation strategies to help our clients improve marketing results. From an assessment of your marketing effectiveness, a 3-year Marketing Road Map to annual Tactical Marketing Communications plans, we help you re-allocate marketing budgets and tactics for maximum return on objectives.