How many branches will you need to win market share in 2020? What size and type of branch will you need? Which cash delivery technologies will best fit your markets and what are the risks of guessing wrong?

Sustaining high performance growth of costly brick and mortar branches in the future will require better data and sophisticated knowledge. With millions at stake, those insights and expertise are skills most financial institutions don’t have internally. While Realtors are a key part of finding great sites, your strategy must be laser-focused, data-driven and highly targeted long before you go looking for new locations.

In fact, you may be better off closing, moving, shrinking and changing many of your current branches. Most credit unions and banks were built on an antiquated model from an era of heavy teller transactions and 9am-4pm hours that is rapidly fading from reality.

To succeed, you’ll need critical geo-demographic research insights, market segmentation analysis and intelligent processes to monitor loan and deposit trends, market opportunities and competitive density.

Armed with great data, you can uncover defensible market segments, build game-changing branch strategies and begin to re-align your investments in boosting fast growing technologies from mobile and tablet to online banking and Apple Pay.

Ben Stangland, Principal / Strategist

Ben Stangland, Principal / Strategist

Mark Weber, CEO

Mark Weber, CEO

Weber Marketing Group’s CEO Mark Weber and Strategist and Principal Ben Stangland will provide vital strategic insights, a process for data analysis and tips for creating a winning formula for credit union and community bank branches.

You’ll learn: 

  • How can geo-demographic market analysis improve your future performance?

  • How many branches will you need in 2020?

  • Who is using branches today and what is the primary new role of branches?

  • Why is it critical to consider closing and moving low performing branches now?

  • Which markets embrace Smart ATMs, or video tellers over tellers?