Playing to the strengths of your culture can turn every employee in your organization into a brand advocate to boost member experiences. Yet, many financial institutions overlook this opportunity to realign staff behaviors and beliefs to help deliver on a central brand promise. In this webinar, learn how to move your brand from something that is owned in the marketing department to a force that lives and breathes throughout your organization, expressed and delivered by employees and experienced by your customers.

Join Karen McGaughey, VP Client Services, and Brooke Coughlan, Brand Trainer, as they share insights into how to build a positive and well focused brand culture. They’ll show you how to use brand training to boost relationship building and enhance revenue opportunities and customer/member retention.

Also, hear from Stevette Santiago, SVP Strategy and Solution Group at HawaiiUSA FCU, about what it’s like to build a brand culture from top to bottom and realign your organization to better deliver on a central brand promise.

You’ll learn:

  • How shaping culture and actions influences your brand
  • How creating and promoting a strong culture takes your brand to a new level
  • Where brands and culture intersect to boost retention
  • The necessary ingredients to build a more positive brand culture and onboarding program
  • How personal storytelling builds deeper member connections
  • How Millennials can influence culture in the workplace (or not)
  • How to empower every employee to consistently live the brand
  • Why a shared tribal language creates value
  • Why employees struggle to recall, or live out core values 

This webinar is for anyone in pursuit of a brand culture that is owned by employees, reinforced by management, and supported by leadership.