beer fridays

With more than a few great breweries within a zip code or two of the office, here's a few of the brews we've been sampling.

pike place brewing company, seattle, wA:


pike place pale ale

Pike Pale Ale has a medium, off-white head, decent lacing left behind, and a bubbly, clear, orange-golden appearance. The aroma is of sweetness, bread, and bread crust. Taste is of the same, with an iced tea note coming through. Bitterness is not high, and the mouthfeel is mostly watery. Pike Pale Ale finishes semi-dry, refreshing, and enjoyable. Overall, this is a really nice one.

ABV: 5.3%





base camp brewing company, portland, or:

s'more stout


Aromas of chocolate, coffee, fig and smoke invite you in to a gigantic maltiness that is distinct in its smooth and refined character, with flavors of chocolate and hints of smoke mingling with rich caramel, fruit and warming alcohol. Top with a roasted marshmallow and you have the ultimate S'more experience!

ABV: 7.7%